Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Oppai Maid Gakuen!

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The protagonist loves boobs and maids above all else. He visits a maid café everyday where his childhood friend, Mei, works and dreams about one day becoming a real master while playing a maid themed social game. Suddenly one day, the screen on his phone starts shining. Before they knew it, he, Mei and Mei's mother, Maasa, were transported to another world. They arrived at a bathhouse of a maid academy, where various races learn to become good maids! They encounter nine maids that shake their nice, plump breasts.

Soon after, the chairwoman of the maid academy told him that the nine maids he had met at the bathhouse had been cursed by a certain curse and could not serve their masters. They are known as the "Damned Maids". However, the curse of this world does not apply to the protagonist, a visitor from another world, and it turns out that the cursed maids are people who can serve him. The protagonist is begged by the chairwoman to become the master of those girls. To become the master of maids at the maid academy in Fifrecia, the country of maids....this request did not need much thinking to answer.

"I'LL DO IT!!"

Thus, the protagonist finally became the master he has longed to be. For the cursed maids, as well, the appearance of a master to serve was a long-cherished accomplishment. The maids compete with each other to serve the protagonist with their erotic services. The mothers of the maids also provide support for their daughters, seducing the protagonist with the services of their voluptuous bodies. In addition, when the protagonist arrived in another world, he had acquired an irregular skill, the "dirty service skill". This skill boosts the sincerity and ulterior motives of the maids, and both parents and children serve the protagonist with their dirty services. And so the goal is to win the most prestigious competition in Fifrecia, the "MAID-1 Grand Prix". Who would have thought that these girls, who were abhorred as cursed maids, would gain a master who appeared from another world and later cause a great upheaval in the Grand Prix? The protagonist's sexual battle, led by 10 maids (plus their mothers), including Mei, is now about to begin!

"I'm going to raise all my titty maids to be perverted maids with the best of intentions and ulterior motives!"

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